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SEO Corpus Christi Businesses Tips

Search engine optimization is not something that companies can afford to ignore. Consumers can quickly look for businesses in their area, compare their options and find specific services or products when they are on the go thanks to the Internet. And with over half of all searches coming from mobile devices, there are plenty of shoppers likely to look for Corpus Christi businesses while being out and about. If you own a business in Corpus Christi or a nearby area, there are a few different SEO strategies you can use to reach out to Internet users.

Optimize Your Site For Mobile Users

Search engine rankings can be slightly different on desktop computers and mobile devices. Search engines always show the most relevant results for a search but also want to make sure that Internet users have a good experience. You might, for instance, see results to download an app when issuing a query on a mobile device while these results wouldn’t be displayed when issuing the same query on a desktop computer. Websites not optimized for mobile devices can be omitted from mobile search results or might rank lower. And because search engines keep track of how long users typically spend on a page, it is important to provide mobile users with the information they need. A mobile user who is looking for business while they are on the go will probably want to see your opening hours, your address and a map to your location while a desktop user will probably look at your product selection before wanting to find your business address. You should consider launching a separate mobile website to meet these different needs and make sure that mobile users have a good experience. If you don’t think that a separate mobile site is required, make sure your website is properly displayed on mobile devices and is easy to use. Consulting with a Corpus Christi SEO Company can help you answer these questions to make sure you are on the correct path.

Use Location-Based Keywords

Keywords are an essential part of any SEO campaign because they allow you to target specific Internet users. An example of this would be “Corpus Christi SEO.” You would not expect someone from Houston to use this search term because it is a local search. You should be using some keywords that refer to the services or products you offer and to Corpus Christi and other nearby locations. If you provide a service and travel to client’s homes, you need to include keywords that refer to different areas included in your service area. If you have a store, a restaurant or another similar brick and mortar business, using location-based keywords that refer to Corpus Christi, your neighborhood, street and any nearby landmarks is a good strategy. Remember to use your keywords in a natural manner and don’t hesitate to create different pages for each location-based keyword. Use a visitor counter tool to get an idea of where visitors come from when they visit your website and consider adding more location-based keywords in the future. Think of the different ways potential customers would describe what you provide. Not all users will look for a particular product or service and might use more vague terms. For instance, a cafe, bar or restaurant should use keywords that refer to the type of cuisine served and to their atmosphere. Secondary keywords relating to trivia night, outdoor seating, cover bands, specific menu items, and nearby points of interests such as movie theaters would allow these businesses to reach out to more potential clients.

Use Business Listings

A lot of mobile users who need to find nearby businesses don’t even visit websites anymore. Google Maps (Google My Business) and Apple Maps allow mobile users to easily find nearby businesses, either by looking for the name of a particular company or by looking for a business category. You need to leverage these listings to bring people to your location. You can optimize these listings by claiming them and by adding more details. Add a link to your official website, your opening hours and your phone number. Because these listings usually appear above search results in mobile searches, they should be a major point of focus for your local SEO campaign. Encourage your customers to rate your business on Google and Apple Maps and to write reviews since companies with good ratings will be more likely to interest potential customers. You should also claim your listings on different apps and directories, including Yelp, TripAdvisor, FourSquare and create official pages on social media. These sites are recognized as authoritative by search engines and often rank high in search results, which can be a good way to improve your visibility. Add a link to your official site on each listing to boost traffic and make sure each listing has all the information a user would need to make a decision regarding your business.

These SEO strategies will help you market your business to Corpus Christi customers. Get to know your audience, find out how these people are likely to search for information online and think about getting help from local Corpus Christi SEO Experts. Although these tasks might seem to be straightforward, you are better off finding a Corpus Christi SEO Services company to handle your SEO campaign for you.